Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Surprise and Talented People!

I received a package in the mail yesterday! Millie sent me an email that I won her giveaway, but this was a big box. She made two pretty quilts and she is also a very talented longarm quilter! If you haven't been to Millie's blog hop over to get inspired! There were two pretty packages in the box! The first one looked like a purse and inside were the two quilts that I won!

I feel so lucky! The first quilt is a snowmen quilt with two pieced pine trees and stars! It will make perfect wall hanging for the Winter season! I am blogging friends with Millie and this is my first chance of seeing her longarm quilting in person!

The second quilt is Millie's original design! She came up with the pattern!

In the other bag for my surprise were three adorable outfits for the baby! Millie knows that my favorite color is green so she got that adorable green outfit with a ruffle, so cute! The pink outfit is my favorite because it says, "Mommy loves me"! The purple one is cute also with the little kitty.

Thank you so much Millie! Aren't blogging friends the best?!!!

Talking about talented quilter's, one of the nurses at the doctor's office quilts and we are always talking about quilting. She showed me a quilt she is making for her husband. I wish I took a picture of it! Her daughter plays guitar and crochets and knits, too. Check some of her crocheted creations at her Etsy site here. You never know where you are gonna meet some wonderful talented people!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Surprise Baby Blocks

Hello everybody!

I have been busy sewing here, I just haven't spent much time on the computer. I am behind on my blog posting.

My friends from the sewing club at my local shop, "Happy Sewing Room" surprised me at the last meeting. Pat came up with the idea to ask everybody to make 6'' blocks for a baby quilt.

All of the ladies were so generous and agreed to make a block and some of them made multiple blocks. As you will see all of the ladies are very talented and made very pretty blocks.

My mother-in-law sent everybody light purple dimple fabric. She didn't know that we were going to paint the nursery almost the same color so the blocks will match the wall color.

Here are all the blocks:

Judy made 2 blocks and a pillow.

Stacey made 4 blocks.

Angi made:

Eleanor made:

Anita made:

Sue made 3 blocks:

Mom - my mother-in-law made 3 blocks (two stars and a spool block).
She had to make a spool block, as she loves sewing.
She is also working on a baby quilt that will be surprise for us.

Karen made 6 blocks:

Brenda made:

Pat made 5 blocks:

Mary Alice made:

Carol made:

Pat thought of everything and brought label for everybody to sign.

I was really surprised and overwhelmed! Everybody put so much time and love into making the blocks! They are truly very talented group of quilters. Pat also brought cake and it was like a second shower! All the blocks were in a pretty box that I will show later.

Thank you ladies!