Friday, March 6, 2009

"Kreative Blogger" Award!

I got a "Kreative Blogger Award" from my blogging friend Tammy from Treadle Works by She also lives in PA and loves sewing and has a very charming blog. Be sure to take a moment and visit!

Thank you so much Tammy for giving me this award!

This award is meant to be passed along and brighten another blogger's day.

When passed along, it is asked that it be passed to 7 more bloggers that you feel are "kreative" and that you list 7 things that you, the award recipient, love.

So here it goes.

I love...

1. ... my husband, my family and friends

2. ... the ocean

3. ... to sew and create

4. ... flowers and gardening

5. ... to cook

6. ... to travel

7. ... to watch a good movie

Now is my turn to past this award to 7 more "kreative" bloggers:

Katleen from

Veronica from

Jackie from

Cathyjean from

Caroline from

Patricia from

Kathy from

Elaine from

I know there are more then 7 but they are a lot of "kreative'' blogs out there! Please take a time and check them out!

Happy Creating!


Muddling Through said...

Thank you so much, Zlaty. You are so sweet!!

Hope you have a great day.

Hugs, Elaine

Millie said...

Zlaty, congratulations on your award! You deserve that award all the way.

Tam said...

Hi Zlaty!
Thanks for your kind words.
I just realized you only live about 2 hours from me!! The Happy Sewing Room is a shop near you right?