Monday, March 2, 2009

"Foolish Goose Tracks" - Step Two

I completed step two of "Foolish Goose Tracks" BOM design by Heather Finnel. I am having so much fun with this project. As you remember I picked my fabrics different then Heather's colors. I washed all of them so they are ready to go! I was inspired by that dark blue fabric.
I didn't mark my fabrics, so I am having fun and picking on the spot fabrics. I really like it so far, what do you think? The next photo is not on a point and it looks different. Step 3 will be available on the 15th so I have a chance to work on some of my other projects.

Happy sewing!


Millie said...

Zlaty. I can just say WOW, your BOM has turned out so pretty so far.

I like how you just pick colors as you go. That makes the MOM so more fun to do. You definitely inspire me to start working on mine.

Jackie said...

Very cute! I think sometimes it's better to select fabric as you go and to maybe mix things up a bit!

Muddling Through said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! I like the colors and how you have them arranged.

Patricia said...

Zlaty---thank you so much for stopping by my Blog and leaving a comment. I am counting my visitors so I know people are stopping by, but it is really nice to see comments. You asked about a linen quilt---my chinese coin is linen. I really liked sewing with it, but you have to be careful since it ravels a lot! My "Spring Fling" is made with ticking (you know the kind they use to use to cover pillows) and Kaffe prints. I got the idea of using "traditional" non-traditional fabrics from reading a post on Oh Fransson.

Thanks again!

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Anonymous said...

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