Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meeting Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville!

I was lucky to meet Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville. She was staying in a hotel in our town and my mother-in-law emailed her if she wanted to come visit her. My mother-in-law owns Happy Sewing Room quilt shop and has met Bonnie before.

 My MIL Jean is a big fan of Bonnie's. Here she is showing her couple of the quilts she made using Bonnie's free patterns.  

This is Melisa showing her quilts: 

The quilts bellow is called Orange Crush, it's on my to make some day list! It was one of the quilt mysteries Bonnie is known for.

Melisa used blue and my MIL Jean used green.  It looks so different, isn't it?

My MIL used her embroidery machine to embroider couple of the blocks, very creative and adding to the beauty of the quilt! Here you can see my MIL blog: happysewingroom.blogspot.com

It was a lot of FUN meeting Bonnie! She is easy going and a lovely person to talk to!  Here is the post she made on her blog for her visit at the Happy sewing room.

Thank you for stopping by Bonnie! Till next time! 

Happy sewing! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

YAY for Quilted Pants!

Do you watch "Project Runway"?  I saw this picture at "Lord and Taylor" last weekend.
 Did you know I used to work for Lord and Taylor? I was the Lead Alteration Specialist for one of their Philadelphia stores. Good times! :) 

  I am so excited that Michelle  Lesniak Franklin won! If you watched the runway show, her opening look, fabulous wool dress was stunning and it was my favorite! I love that she incorporate quilting in a very modern and fashion forward way! YAY for quilting pants!  

The runner up was Patricia Michaels. I really enjoyed her innovative techniques and I like that she incorporated her native american heritige in a very cool ways! Her closing blue dress was to die for and she even made the silver beading herself.  (I will try to find pictures to add later)

This is one of the eliminated designers Layana Aquilar and I was her fan. She had some great looks and helped other designers too. I think she deserved to made it to the end, instead of Daniel, but that simply my opinion!

I am not in love with the teams this season, it made for more drama which, I guess is popular for the reality shows, but most people watch this show for the fashion, so 


What did you think of the runway show? I think it was one of the best seasons! 

I am itching to make some dresses!  So much inspiration so little time! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Best Show and Tell!

The title of my blog post says it ALL!

 Meet my daughters! Natalie is 7 months already. I want her to stay baby, but she is growing up! Her big sister Veronica is 2 years and 3 months. They are the joy of our lives with my hubby.  Life is never boring at our house!

The quilt behind the girls was made by their grammy Jean. You can see more of her creations here: happysewingroom.blogspot.com

TO all my blogging friends: 
Please accept my apology for my absence from my blog. You know little kids  keep you busy! :) 

Here is a quilt I finished. I made it from customer's daughter baby clothes. I really love the quilt! It took a lot of time to cut up all the little baby clothes and fuse them, and to play with the layout. I didn't use any extra fabric is all baby clothes, except the binding and the backing! 

I used light pink bubble fleece on the back and satin for the binding. The customer LOVE the quilt! She asked me to add a sleeve so she can hang it for keep sake!  I have an order for another one on my to do list! 

Keep an eye for more show and tell on my blog! I have been busy while not bloging! :) 

Happy sewing!