Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Charity Quilt finish and update ....

My Charity quilt is all done, except being washed and shipped. If you would like to make one, you can request a kit here . They ship you all the material, the pattern instructions, you just have to provide thread, batthing and some love.

We had sunny weekend so I took some pictures off the quilt on the porch. I quilted it on my New Joy Gold Standard frame. I need to get some more pantos, but I can go only about 6,5" wide. Do you have any suggestions for good, easy to stitch pantos?

I did the binding on the machine. I like to hand stitch the binding, but this quilt quilt be washed a lot. I am happy how it turn out!

Talking about LOVE, I want to share the nice Surprise I got from my hubby for Valentine's Day.
Isn't he the BEST husband!
He did great! I was out and when I got home I found the lovely arrangement that was delivered.

What is Valentine's Day without Chocolate?
I love taking pictures and I couldn't resist showing some.

He also made chicken pot pie that was very delicious, and he didn't use any recipe.
... and apple tart for desert. I know I am very lucky!
I hope everybody that is in love had a wonderful holiday!

I hope you made it to the end of my long post. :) Here is the "Be Warm" block appliqu├ęd.

It has been so cold lately and I was hoping it will get warmer if I work on that block! :)) Well it's raining now, but we still have snow on the ground.

Happy sewing!


Pat said...

GREAT job on that charity quilt and your Valentine's Day sounds heavenly. I, too, hope it will BE WARM soon!!!

Domestic Designer said...

Your quilt looks great! Sounds like your Valentin's Day was a good one. Have a great day!

Contented Caroline said...

What a lucky lady you are indeed - your hubby sure does knoe how to treat you and I'm sure you deserved every bit. The charity quilt looks great and i love your 'be warm' block.

andsewon said...

Wonderful job on the quilt!!!
Oolala what a sweetie you have too be sure!! Yes my Valentine was good to me as well.
Same here rain, colder and snow coming tomorrow night...Old Man Winter has sure been trifling this year for sure...stay warm!!!

Millie said...

Great job on the Charity quilt...love those quilted hearts. Wow, the "Stay Warm" quilt is pretty. You have been so busy working on all these beauties. And the best part is the Valentine's Day flowers from your hubby...somebody loves you very much.

Jackie said...

The quilt turned out beautiful! It will be so appreciated I am sure! What a wonderful husband you have. You just can't beat a Valentine's day like you had. Terrific!

Jackie said...

The charity quilt is going to be well loved. Your "Be Warm" block came out really nice! I'm glad you had a really nice Valentines Day.

Tam said...

Well done Zlaty the charity quilt and snowman block are great!
Nice gifts you got there!
It's raining there and heavy snow here, and we are not that far away from each other..go figure?

Deborah said...

Beautiful quilt! I'm glad you had a nice Valentine's Day. What a nice husband you have!

Sew It UP! said...

It's always great one ones hubby can cook. The dessert looks so yummy!

mainer said...

Beautiful quilt for the Kids. I also do them. Check out my blog....judee

Karen said...

Your charity quilt looks wonderful and I love the Be Warm block!

Micki said...

What a beautiful charity quilt and your hubby is a sweetheart!