Friday, April 15, 2011

I am back!

I am back ... to blogland that is! I took an unannounced break, but I missed blogging and reading some of my favorite blogs!

As you guessed it that is a picture of my beautiful baby, Veronica. Thank you for the wishes and advice for my baby girl! She is growing so fast and I am excited to see every new trick she learns. Did we have a very long winter here in PA this year or is it just me!? I am ready for some nice, warm weather and spring!

Below are the valances that I made for the nursery using the 6" blocks that my friends at the Happy Sewing Room's sewing group made for me.

You can see all of the blocks here.

I am working on curtains to go with the valances and I have blocks for a quilt as well. I hope my next post won't take as long as this one! I have more finished projects to blog about, so check back soon!