Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy "Baba Marta"

Today, March 1st in Bulgaria, we celebrate "Baba Martha", March is Marth in Bulgarian. People give each other "martenichki" bracelets made of white and red yarn or little pins made of white and red yarn. When they tie your bracelet you can make a wish for each knot they tie - usually 3 knots.

You wear your bracelet until the Spring comes, usually when you see a blooming tree or you see a stork. Then you tie your bracelet to a tree or you put it under a stone so your wishes will come true. It's a fun holiday and it's celebrated only in Bulgaria. I thought I would share it with my blogging friends.


Kathy said...

How Interesting! That's really neat. I love reading and learning about other customs. Thanks for sharing with us.

Millie said...


Happy Marta's day. Thanks for sharing this information with us. You have a wonderful day and have fun stitching up some beautiful quilts.

Tam said...

Hi Zlaty!
Lovely blog and lovely quilting :D
I really like the Happy Marta's Day tradition. Thanks for sharing!

Kucki68 said...

What a lovely custom! Only in my town the storks are lazy and stay all winter, no matter that they must be awfully cold. Would have to go with the blooming tree. (Soon, I hope).