Monday, June 2, 2008

"Sex in The City"

  I saw "Sex in The City" on Friday with my hubby Scot and our friends Chuck and Heather. We went for the 9th o'clock show, but it was sold out! I can see why! :) So we went to Chilies and me and Heather had a cocktails! Mmm... they were pretty good! After that we went for the 10:15 show.
  I absolutely loved the movie! I am a big fan and I waited so long.... It was  emotional roller coaster that takes you for a wonderful pleasurable ride!  I  cried few times... then laugh...then cried again.....then laugh......and I loved every minute of it!!! 
  I was so happy to see all of the characters, because it's like people you know. On top of the that each of them got a fair share of the movie - which I loved! The beauty of it is that the four girls remain friends, no matter what! As you see I am trying not to give up too much of the screen play and ruin it for everybody that didn't see it- because they should - especially if you liked the series!!!
  Mr. Big finally got a name - mmm... I think John.... but for me he is still MR. BIG. What's wrong with that name! :) Some people don't really like Carrie, but I think she did an awesome job of playing her character + she can pull off any fashion style! And there is Fashion! There were all the big brands that we saw in the series too. For some people there are a little too much commercials, but I personally tried to ignore it and didn't really bother me! Well, maybe a little ..... the really ugly bags... Louis  Vuitton. They are hideous!

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