Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank you !

Thank you friends for your nice and very supportive comments!

I made some sugar cookies for Mom mom's Birthday yesterday and please have a cookie as my Thank you to all of you! :) They are great with coffee and I used half sugar, half splenda.

We have a lovely weather so far here in PA and my flowers are blooming!

I love my Violets, it's like a sea of Violets!

These are yellow gladiolus, they always get so tall and fall over :)

I plant daisies last year but they didn't bloom and this year they surprised me.

I decided to have planters on the front porch and got these new seeds, aren't they pretty. I am not sure what are they called.

Thank you friends and I hope you enjoy the tour of my flower garden.

Happy summer!


Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful, and thanks for the cookies ;) Hope you and your family are doing alright after your loss.

Karen said...

Beautiful garden photos. I took a walk through the garden this evening. Every visit brings something new.

Jackie said...

You have such a beautiful garden! The cookies look delish. I've never thought of using half sugar half splenda. What a great idea.

Domestic Designer said...

Your garden is just lovely! Thanks for the cookies...just what I needed with my morning coffee! Have a great weekend.

Micki said...

The flowers are so lovely! Thanks for the garden pics!

Contented Caroline said...

he cookies were yummy thank you. Your garden is beautiful - enjoy it!!

CathyJean said...

Oh, Zlaty!!
Your flowers are sooo pretty! :)
Glad to see you are enjoying your summer!
Thanks for sharing :)