Monday, January 25, 2010

Inspiring Quilts

Don't you love the colors on this quilt? My mother in law made Bonnie's "Orange crush quilt". I just love the color combination!

Below is the back of the quilt. Mom used her embroidery machine to quilt a design in the middle of some of the blocks and just love it! My mother in law ones a small quilt shop "Happy Sewing Room" in Hamburg, PA. She also has a blog you can visit HERE. I am very lucky to have a such talented mother in law! She inspires me to quilt! Thank you Mom!

Here is sampler she made for the shop using this Christmas panel:

I just love this fall table runner with rich colors! The pictures don't do justice to the quilts! I had to take pictures as they were washed and wrinkled very nice.

Here is a little sneak pick of the first quilt from the "Be Attitudes" book.

I debated between those two fabrics for the scarf so I made two blocks. I am gonna make individual quilts and I am gonna make a whole quilt with all the blocks put together.

I need help what color to do the letters. It's gonna say "be warm". What color should I use?

Have a great day!


Myra said...

Wonder projects photoed today Zlaty! 8-)

Love your snowmen! They are great! As for the color of the letters, when in doubt try burgandy (sp?)

Happy stitchings!

Domestic Designer said...

Wow! What pretty quilts! I love your cute. I am not sure what color to use for the letters. I know you will make the right choice. You always do!:-) Have a great evening!

Jackie said...

I love your MIL's Orange Crush! I love the shade of orange she picked out! The snowmen are cute and I love how the different colors of the scarf changes the look of the block.

Shar said...

I love your snowman blocks the mittens are adorable!

Patricia said...

So glad you are back to regularly blogging!!! I've misssed you! Love your MIL's Orange Crush Quilt! The colors are so "happy".


Jackie said...

Love all the quilts! As for the words, I say use Red for sure!

Blogless me said...

Cute snowmen! I would go with a warm colour - brighter red for the second one (I'd pick a red to match the red in his scarf) and a rustier/brick red for the "brown-scarf " boy. Anyway, they are charming!

Maria said...

Love the "Orange Crush" your MIL made.
Snowmen are just gorgeous and I agree with Blogless me for the clours of the scraf.

hapsew said...

I just saw your post and was so surprised. Thanks so much for your praise. I have truly been inspired by your quilts and use of color. Thank you.
I love your snowman blocks and can't wait to see more of the blocks as you finish them.

Millie said...

Hi Zlaty!

I love your Snowman is so pretty and I think red will make the blue color pop. Your MIL's Orange Crash quilt turned out very nice. Bonnie has so many cute scrap patterns...if we only have time and money to make them all. Thanks for showing all the inspiring quilts.
Take care,

Tam said...

Pretty quilts Zlaty!
Your snowman is adorable :) I would use a shade of red.
I also bought the Be Attitudes book on my birthday shop hop, can't wait to start it and thanks for sharing.

Quilter Kathy said...

I am making the BeAttitudes blocks too...very slowly!
I love your Be Warm about red for the letters?
That's what I'm doing...I'm going to post my first 2 or 4 hopefully soon.