Thursday, April 1, 2010

Florida trip continued...

More of our Florida trip:
These were some of the flowers in front of our hotel. Coming from the north it was like a miracle that flowers were blooming.
I love the palm trees!
Our hotel in Orlando was like oasis to me! It had spa, 2 giant fire pits, 3 pools, including a lazy river and the pool was open until 11. I wish I was there now. :)
Above is a picture of the giant Convention centre we could walk from our hotel to. It just happens that there was a Home & Flower show while we were there, so me and my mother-in-law went.
This is the flower girl that met us at the door!

These are some contemporary decoration for your garden, I think they might be a little too big for mine! :))

Some nice flower displays and ideas for local gardens. I haven't seen any palm trees around here.

The butterfly was painted on a concreate. I guess even concrete doesn't have to boring anymore.
I like the smart idea for more storage in the garage. You think I can store fabrics up there? :)

Have you heard of Crystal Soil? I got some to try it out! I just love the colors!

It was fun, but there is no place like home!
I have a few more Florida pictures to share with you, so stay tuned...


Pat said...

That hotel looks wonderful...I'd love to stay there sometime. Can you give me the name of the hotel? Thanks for sharing the nice photos and I will be looking for the rest of them when you put them here.

Zlaty said...

Hi Pat,

It's a Hilton hotel in Orlando, FL. I already sent you an email with the details. It's was a dreamy hotel and i enjoyed the steam room also. I hope you like it as well!

andsewon said...

Looks like a great trip!!Love the flower girl's dress!!
I have not been to Orlando area in many years. Went to Jr. High there.
We go to FL but not that area.
Hope you warmed up your chilly bones!!!

Myra said...

Great photos Zlaty! Looks like a wonderful place to get away too!!! Interesting dress the flower girl has on! 8-)
Have a great Easter!

Tam said...

Wonderful pics Zlaty and I'm glad you had a nice trip.
Happy Easter and hugs!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy Easter! I just love your photos, thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Micki said...

The Fla. trip looks like great fun! I am really enjoying the pics!

Deborah said...

Great photos! I can imagine how much fun you had!