Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quilt for Very Dear Friend from Circle of Friends!

 BREAST CANCER, that is the scary diagnose that a member of our monthly Happy sewing club got.  I decided that naturally we should make a quilt. That is what we do! It's a way to show our love  and support for her. 
Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer in August and decided to organize our sewing group to make the quilt ASAP. Judy already had a lot of health problems this year, she was looking forward next year. She had a very painful back surgery, while recovering she had to go trough a kidney stone surgery, then she got bitten by a tick and had her leg swollen, walking with crotches  and got limes disease, and last she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

This is a picture of most of the ladies that help with the quilt. 

Everyone made a block or more. Melissa donated the backing fabric. Eleanor donated fabric for the borders. Jean - my mother-in-law volunteer to piece it, add the border, piece the backing. She also did sew the binding by hand in one day! I quilted the quilt on my short arm machine. 

Judy was beyond surprised and overwhelmed by our gesture. She deserves to know her friends love her and appreciate her! We are all wrapped around her in a form of the quilt to help her go trough this! 

Bellow is the block that I made. Judy loves and raises chickens and also loves cats and dogs. 

  You can see the backing fabric here. This is a picture with the quilt on my machine. 

 More close ups of the quilt! 

I hope that the quilt helps Judy when she has hard times as she is getting ready to start her chemo treatment. We love you Judy! 

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