Monday, May 12, 2008

Post stamps

I want to remind everybody that the price of the post stamps went up 1 cent today. The regular postage stamp is being raised to 42 cents! So keep in mind when you pay your utility bills or send a Birthday card to your friend ;)

I don't know why they needed to raise the price, since they raised it up last year! In 2006, prices increased from 36 to 39 cents, then to 41 cent last year. Are they thinking if they keep raising the price 1 -2 cents we won't notice? Even the increase is not big it's annoying to go buy a 1 cents stamps. I still have 39 cents stamps! Yes! I do. Maybe the reason for this increase is that more and more people pay their bills on line? Well, me too! It's easy, the money get there in 2 -3 days, I can save a copy of the payment on my computer and it saves me a post stamp and check!
What do you think of this raise?

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Scot said...

I agree. A one penny increase seems like a lot of paperwork and hassle for not a lot of money. I pay every bill I can online. Not only does it save half a dollar on the stamp, but also half a dollar or more on the cost of a check.