Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update, update..........

I know my Birthday was last month, but I didn't post the cake my hubby got me. It was an ice cream cake from Donkin Donuts and he decorated himself - the candles and the writing! I am very proud of him!

Thank you Scot! :-*

I also want to show our new toy. It is a Kitchen Aid Professional 600. It is a B-day gift to me and my hubby from my parents in-law. We are very happy so far with it, so if you are in the market for a good mixer I would suggest this one. It came with a bread hook and we have been making bread since we got it!

Thank you Mom and Dad!

This the first bread Scot made! It was yummy and was gone fast! We made pizza few times, but it was so delicious that I forgot to take pictures.

This the first bread I made. It is a whole wheat. I was worried that it might be too sweat because the recipe called for a 1/4 cup honey, but it was very tasty! The only problem was that my pan was not very good and the bread stuck to it. We got new pans now and the bread slides off it! What a difference a good pan makes.

I made a sticky lemon chicken for a second time. My hubby loves it! It is a chef Ramsey from "Hell's Kitchen"recipe. We are big fans of the show and I saw him future this dish on tv. You can watch him preparing the dish here or on the post bellow this one.

Bon Apetit!


Domestic Designer said...

Love the cake! Your hubby did great. I also am very jealous of your new mixer! I have wanted on for a long time....maybe someday! The bread all looks so yummy! Have a great day!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What fun you're having, happy belated birthday! Your husband did great!!

Millie said...

Zlaty, your birthday cake look so good. Your hubby did a good job on the decorating and his bread look so delicious. Nice Kitchen Aid and I can tell you like it a lot. What a nice chicken recipe, I should give it a try.

Tam said...

Zlaty, everything looks so yummy!!
The bread looks wonderful, the rolls and cake look wonderful...perhaps your husband needs to open his own bakery? ;-)
I love my mixer too they are great!

Patricia said...

Looking at your pictures made me so "Hungry"!! Stop---I am trying to lose weight :-)

Sue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....That chicken looks very good and I would die for a piece of the cake.....Have a very Blessed Easter.

Jackie said...

My son is making bread tonight. Yours looks delicious!

Did you get the frame set up? How is it going?

Anonymous said...

It all looks so very delicious and that kitchen aid machin, wow, I wish I had one. They are wonderful. My mom has one. I love the birthday cake, it looks delicious. Happy Belated Birthday ; )

Quilt Hollow said... you made me hungry! Happy belated birthday!!!

clare's craftroom said...

Nothing like fresh , homemade bread , yum . Happy Easter .