Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Runaway - All Stars

I watched Project Runaway - All Stars tonight and my favorite collection was the one Uli Herzner made. I loved her original designs and colors! She is a great designer and she should have won before.

The show is inspiring me to finish some of the clothes I have in my closet that I started. I have been quilting and forgot all about designing and sewing clothes and I also miss my mom. She was my personal fitter, since it's hard to fit yourself.

Did you watch the show? If yes, who was your favorite and did you like Uli's designs?

Happy sewing!



Contented Caroline said...

That series has been on this week in the UK - sky3. I have missed the final two episodes because of the Festival of Quilts - I am eager to know who won ... please tell. I love Uli's designs too but must admit that Laura's clothes were more to my taste - so elegant and classy. I would love to have the confidence to wear Uli's prints though!!!

Pat said...

I"ve never watched it but I have a friend who loves it. My reality show tastes run towards Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance with some American Idol thrown in.

Millie said...

Zlaty, I have never watched that show...but it sounds like a fun show to watch. Please tell us when the next one is going to start.
I am like Pat. Love to watch Dancing with the Stars and So you think you can Dance. There is also a new dancing competition where you loose weight too...forgot the name. And now I enjoy to watch America's Got Talent.
Have a nice day!

Zlaty said...

Hi Caroline, I already sent you an email, but to let you know Jefrey won that season.

Hi Millie, Project Runway is on Lifetime now and here is on at 10 p.m. but you can check your local listings.

Hi Pat and Millie, if you like watching people design and sew clothes you would like it. Sometimes the challenges are very difficult and sometimes I disagree with the judges! :)

Happy sewing!