Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coffee Quilt Dilema

I had abandoned my coffee quilt. I have all this blocks made so it should not take long to finish ;), right?
After I played with the blocks I think I have them in a very nice order :)) What do you think?
Well...... I though it would be nice if I made 4 more blocks so it will be longer quilt ..... I know ... I like to make more work for me!
The problem is that the coffee mugs are part of a panel and I don't have any extra and I don't want any repeats anyway.
So do you guys remember the coffee embroidery mug I made for Bret's Quilt? I think I am gonna make some coffee mugs on my embroidery machine and make the extra 4 blocks I need! I will keep you posted!


Margo said...

So enjoyed your blog...I am the gal with design walls....and shampooed my rugs...they are wall to wall..have an Electrolux shampooer...I can do my area rugs with it still is a lot of all the pics of food...ummmm good!!! Maine, USA

Zlaty's Sewing Studio said...

Thank You Margo! I know that is a lot of work :) but what isn't?
I decided to finish one of my forgotten table runner projects today. It will be a relieve to have it done, hopefully tomorrow and I will post a picture!
Happy sewing!

tirane93 said...

the coffee quilt looks like it will be a winner zlaty!

you left a couple of questions on my blog but i can't find an email address for you. email me at tirane93 at yahoo dot com so i can reply!

see you 'round the blogs!

Millie said...

Nice, bright and happy Coffee quilt. You have excellent taste and the color choices are wonderful. Good luck finishing your coffee quilt.