Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Tool ...

My husband and I went to "Lowes" the other night. We were checking out and he put on the table this green tape measure, I just smiled :-) He knew to hide it, until the register, because I wouldn't let him get me one, since we already have few of those around the house :))
I didn't know he didn't like me using his tape measure :)) Here is a picture of both of them, they look pretty much the same:

I have to admit I use this type of tape measure almost every day. I like to measure the furniture ,quilts and the windows for curtains and how to rearrange the furniture.... I have so many uses for it. I guess the problem is that Scot like to keep it in his tool box, but since I use it so often I kept it on his desk on hand ;)
Anyway, now I have new tool and it's green! I am not complaining :)))))

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Millie said...

Zlaty, enjoy your new green measuring tape. I use a measuring tape every day of my life. So 2 measuring tapes are better than one.